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Ever noticed that when you try to "do it all," the one thing you can count on is getting sick?

Fracture Risk Higher for Seniors With Diabetes
Seniors with type 2 diabetes may be at increased risk for fractures. And researchers think they know why.
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A "green schoolyard" might boost the health of children in your community, researchers report.
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Does your skin need help?
Does your skin need a little help? First of all think about taking a high quality multi-vitamin/mineral formula each day…vitamins A,C,and E are essential to healthy skin but B complexes and amino acids are also critical. In the winter months in climates where indoor heating is a must our skin can take a big hit of dehydration. So, drink plenty of mineral rich waters and teas and keep your skin moisturized with natural products that prevent moisture loss. But be sure that your moisturizers are non-pore-clogging. Fatty acids, or essential fatty acids are important to protect the skin against the effects of aging so eat foods rich in natural oils. If your body does not process oils well you might want to add a fat digesting enzyme such as Lipase to your routine. Plant enzymes are wonderful helpers to keep your body functioning more appropriately. Collagen too is important so include vitamin C rich foods along with your protein drinks and protein rich foods. ... more

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